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Approved lender dashboard

Cut weeks off a typical loan.

Getting a mortgage is a tedious, low-tech and painful experience, not just for buyers, but also for loan officers, account managers and underwriters. It doesn’t have to be this way.

A Beautiful Customer Experience

Approved provides a delightful and frictionless dashboard for your customers to get you what they need, fast.

Automatic Document Collection

Approved automatically collects supporting documents directly from your clients’ banks. No more incomplete docs.

Supercharged for Mobile

It’s not 1996. Your customers expect to work with you from their mobile device. Don’t disappoint them.

Streamline the Loan App

A streamlined 1003 and dynamic and personal needs list makes it easy to complete a loan package, fast.

Bank-Level Security

We use bank-level security start-to-finish. Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest, and it’s far more secure than email.

Get Started in Minutes

Approved integrates seamlessly into your workflow and sits on top of your LOS making loan onboarding a breeze.

Approved in the news

Helping mortgage pros like you.

Don’t just take our word for it. Approved helps loan officers, processors and branch managers streamline the process every single day.

"Approved has cut down the time it takes our processing team to get documents from clients in half! The team is happy, and our customers love the experience."

Michelle, Compliance and Operations

Michelle, Compliance and Operations

"Our tech-savvy customers don't want to mess around with email or fax machines. I'm able to deliver my customers the modern user experience they want."

Marshall, Loan Officer

Marshall, Loan Officer

"I like Approved because it allows my team to focus on what they do best: providing world class customer service to our clients rather than tracking down bank statements."

Bill, President and CEO

Bill, President and CEO

Take lending to the next level.

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